Affiliate for our Facebook partners

After years of operation, we've come to realize the underestimated power of social media. To bridge this gap, we're excited to announce the launch of an affiliate marketing initiative tailored for all our esteemed partners on Facebook.

You recommend us --- We pay you for results.

Benefits of our Program

  • 20% commision. You can earn up to $100 per sale
  • Special program upon request:
    - Unique Discount Coupons
    - Lifetime Client referral - You make a commission EVERYTIME client make a purchase for the life of the account. It is usually great for returning customers such as furniture stores, hotels, moving companies, interior designers, hospitals, restaurants...
  • 3 tier structure - if you refer another affiliate, you will get a commission every time he/she gets a commission. And it goes one more level deeper to 3rd tier
  • If you are first to refer, you will get the commission
  • You will get commission if sale happens within 365 days 1 full year from your referral.
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Our Program in a nutshell

  • Register to receive your unique link and some marketing material
  • Display it anywhere you wish
  • Every time someone clicks on that link he/she becomes your referral
  • You get a commission every time referral makes a purchase
  • You have access to a dashboard where you can monitor all of the statistics (such as clicks and purchases) and configure methods of receiving your earned commissions
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Here are some ideas of how to utilize your affiliate resources to its fullest

  • Simple Post on your Facebook page
  • You can ask your friends to post your link on their page or simply like your post
  • You can post your referral to a local Facebook group if their policy allow you to do so
  • You may create a Facebook marketplace post
  • Although this program is aimed at Facebook, it will still work on any other platforms or websites: social media, blogs, coupon sites, groups...
  • You can request your unique discount code and use it as word of mouth or even on printed material. Your referral will still be linked to you by using this your unique discount code.
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