ordinary foam vs memory foam

Ordinary foam vs Memory foam

Ordinary Foam:

1. Ordinary foam is less expensive than memory foam.
2. It does not contour the body shape as perfectly as memory foam, as it doesn't respond to temperature and pressure in the same way.
3. It may not relieve pressure points as effectively as memory foam mattresses.
4. It tends to be cooler as it does not trap body heat like memory foam.

Memory Foam:

1. Memory foam is more expensive compared to ordinary foam.
2. It softens in response to heat and pressure, thereby contouring to the body shape and reducing pressure points.
3. Provides excellent support and comfort to the body.
4. Memory foam tends to retain body heat, making it a warmer option compared to ordinary foam.
5. It has higher density and durability, making it a longer-lasting investment.
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