How water damages your sofa

How water damages your sofa
Water damage can harm your sofa in several ways.

1. Structural Damage: Excess water can seep into the frame of the sofa, thereby weakening the wood and the overall structural integrity. This can lead to a saggy sofa or one that’s unsafe to sit on.

2. Fabric Damage: Water can leave unpleasant stains on the fabric, especially if it’s not cleaned immediately. In the case of intense water positivity, fabric colors can fade and the texture can become rough, eradicating the aesthetic appeal of the sofa.

3. Mold and Mildew: The most severe impact of water damage is the potential growth of mildew and mold. Upholstery absorbs water rapidly, creating an ideal environment for mold growth which can have adverse health impacts.

4. Odor Issues: As bacteria begin to grow in the wet areas, it can create unpleasant odors. Along with Mold and Mildew, these odors can impact the overall home environment, making it miserable to live in.

5. Foam Damaging: Water can also damage the foam padding inside the sofa. Once the foam absorbs the water, it stays soggy for a long duration, leading to a shapeless, uncomfortable and compromised seating arrangement.

If your sofa does get wet, it’s imperative to clean and dry it as quickly as possible to mitigate damage.
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