How to keep bugs away from your furniture


How to keep bugs away from your furniture.

Don't let bugs make it their home sweet home! Here's how:
  1. Regular Cleaning: Vacuum weekly to banish crumbs and debris, deterring bugs from cozying up.

  2. Safe Pesticides: Choose bug sprays safe for you, pets, and won't harm the fabric.

  3. Natural Repellents: Bugs dislike scents like lavender, peppermint, and citronella—use essential oils to shoo them away.

  4. No Snacks Allowed: Avoid eating on your sofa to deny bugs a buffet of crumbs.

  5. Bug Traps: If bugs are already there, traps can help catch and remove them.

  6. Protective Covers: Keep bugs out by covering your sofa—easy to wash and bug-proof!

  7. Pro Cleaning: Stubborn bugs? Pros have the tools to deep clean and evict them.

  8. Clean House: Regularly sweeping, mopping, and dusting helps keep bugs away from all furniture.

  9. Lighting Matters: Opt for bulbs that don't attract bugs, helping to keep them at bay.

Remember, swift action is key! Don't let bugs settle in—act fast to keep your furniture bug-free.

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